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  • Coaches must show up at least 1 hour prior to their first game of the tournament to check their team in at the check in window located at the concession stand in the middle of the complex.
  • All managers must be prepared with all of their proper documents including but not limited to roster/waiver, insurance and birth certificates.
  • NO GUM
  • NO ALCOHOL …. On OR around complex grounds, this includes the parking lots/areas
  • NO TOBACCO OR VAPING …. On complex grounds with the exception of the parking lots
  • NO PETS 
  • NO hitting, throwing, climbing (or anything of the like) on or into the fences, gates, dugouts, bullpens, outbuildings, etc.
  • NO bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, hover boards, etc.
  • NO public music players or noise makers in the stands, dugouts, or fields

Players, coaches, or fans who bring these items into our complex or choose not to follow these and any other Keystone Fieldhouse rules will be escorted out of the complex and barred from re-entry with NO exceptions.


  • Each team is required to always have proof of insurance with them
  • Proof of insurance must also be submitted to Keystone Fieldhouse at least 1 week prior to the tournament start date and verified at check in. 
  • The insurance certificate must have no less than $2,000,000 General Aggregate and $1,000,000 each occurrence. 
  • Insurance certificate must have listed as the certificate holder and additionally insured: “Nomis LLC” (398 Centerville Road, Newville Pa 17241)


  • FINAL roster/waiver, with all required information and signatures, MUST be submitted at check-in prior to a team’s first game to participate.
  • Roster size is unlimited for the number of players on a team.
  • Rosters can be added to, up until a team’s check in, prior to their first game.  Once you verify your roster at check in your team’s roster is locked in and may not be added to. 
  • A player can be on a roster for two different age groups, but not on multiple teams within a single age group.  If a player’s name shows up on multiple rosters, she must designate which team she is officially playing on.
  • If a player is not listed on a roster and is playing in a game, that player, along with the team manager, will be immediately ejected from both the current game and the rest of the tournament.  The current game will NOT revert back. Play will continue as it was at the point of ejection.
  • If you do not submit a roster/waiver prior to the start of the tournament, then you must fill out the roster/waiver sheet provided by our staff at check-in.


  • There is NO Admission fee for Keystone Fieldhouse Sports Complex.
    • Admission fees are subject to change for special events without notice.


  • Parking is free for Keystone Fieldhouse events.
  • Parking fees are subject to change for special events without notice.
  • There are two main parking lots right at the fields.  One is at our main entrance, and one is on the upper portion of the complex and accessible from Parker Road.
  • There is also additional parking in our lot across the street from the complex directly to your left when pulling onto Parker Road.
  • All parking will be clearly marked with signs.
  • DO NOT PARK DIRECTLY ON CENTERVILLE ROAD (The main road in front of the complex).
  • Cars that are double parked, parked on Centerville Road, or not parked in marked spots are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.


  • Keystone Fieldhouse Sports Complex is NOT a stay to play vendor.  Teams may contact and choose where they would like to stay on their own.  


  • There is a first aid kit located at the concession stand and team check in window with basic first aid equipment for all our tournament games. 


  • Our concession stand will be open during all tournaments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  With hot foods, cold foods, snacks, drinks, etc.


Please be advised that some products may contain, or may have come in contact with, allergens including Eggs, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts and Wheat.



  • Keystone Fieldhouse requires all teams registering for a tournament to make a non-refundable deposit payment. 
  • Registration for all events is limited.
  • Paying by mail with a check does NOT guarantee your spot, until your check is received by Keystone Fieldhouse.  If teams pay by credit card and all spots fill before your check is received, your check will be held, and you will be placed on the waitlist for that tournament.     
  • Payment in full for all tournaments are due 30 days prior to the start of the event.
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, are accepted online through our website and by phone. 
    • Checks can be mailed to 
      • Keystone Fieldhouse
        c/o Amy Culver
        103B Midway Drive
        Carlisle Pa 17015


  • With all turf infields we will do everything we can to avoid rain delays and cancelations.
  • In the event of rain, we will do everything we can do to stay as close as possible to the original game schedule.  
  • If we need to change the schedule due to weather, we will do our best to try to maintain the original tournament format schedule. However, all rain out games may not be made up depending on time constraints.
  • If game schedules change it is the team’s responsibility to make sure they are aware of the new schedule or any scheduling changes. This information will be sent out via the Tourny Machine app and updated on the tournament schedule as soon as it becomes available

REFUND POLICY- Weather Related

3 game minimum tournaments

Play 0 Games- 100% credit 

Play 1 game –50% credit

Play 2 games – no refund

4 game minimum tournaments

Play 0 games- 100% credit

Play 1 game –70% credit

Play 2 games – 50% credit

Play 3 games – no refund

5 game minimum tournaments

Play 0 games- 100% credit

Play 1 game- 70% credit

Play 2 games- 50% credit

Play 3 games- 30% credit

Play 4 games- no refund

Credits are for future Keystone Fieldhouse tournaments and are valid for 1 year from the date of the originally canceled tournament.

Note: If 1 pitch is thrown it is considered a game

REFUND POLICY- Team withdraw from tournament

  • Keystone Fieldhouse requires ALL requests for refunds to be submitted in writing 30 days prior to the start of the event.
  • A non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. Any cancellations made by the team, or its representatives will result in the loss of this deposit. There will be absolutely no refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the tournament start date. 
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to the start of the tournament. 
  • Coaches who are on the waiting list for a tournament will be contacted, in order of first come first serve, if a spot becomes available



Coaches: It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you are aware of all rules and rule changes. Keystone Fieldhouse reserves the right to amend these rules at any time for specific tournament play. For all ages, USA softball Rules will be enforced with the following alterations.

  • NO METAL CLEATS! …. Players MUST wear softball turfs, plastic molded cleats, or sneakers.
    • If a player is caught wearing metal cleats, she will be required to remove them and both teams will receive a warning. If any player after the warning is found wearing metal cleats she will be ejected, and the manager of the team will be restricted to the bench.
  • Field Dimensions 
    • 10 and under will pitch from 35′
    • 11 and 12 will pitch from 40’
    • 13 and up will pitcher from 43’
    • home run fence is 200′ all the way around


  1. HOME/AWAY:Pool play/ round robin Home /away will be determined by a coin flip at the coaches meeting before each game.  Bracket games home team will be the higher seed. Home/away dugouts will be determined on a first come first serve basis. If teams can’t agree, the tournament director will assign dugouts.   
  2. INFIELD/PREGAME:Unless otherwise noted by a Tournament Director, NO full infield practice will be allowed prior to the start of any game. Teams are permitted to take ground/fly balls down the outfield/infield lines prior to the start of their game. Please remind your players and coaches NOT to use the full infield prior to the game.
  3. POOL PLAY TIME LIMIT:All games will be played with a no new inning after 1 hour and 30-minute time limit.  A new inning is considered started directly after the 3rd out is recorded for the previous half inning.  Time will be kept by the umpires. The time will start immediately after the plate meeting.  For each team’s pool games the home team will be predetermined. If the home team is batting and is ahead as the time limit exceeds, the game will end immediately (player at-bat can finish his at-bat).
  4. INNINGS:7 inning games as time allows
  • No extra innings will be played in pool games.
  • Bracket games that are tied after the time limit International Rules will apply. The next inning will start with the visiting team leading off with the last batted out of the previous inning on second base with one out. The batting order remains the same and follows the last completed inning.
  • Championship games have no time limit so if it is tied after 7 innings play continues. International Rules start at inning 10 
  1. FORFEITSAll forfeits that occur before the start of the game will result in 7-0 win. If any forfeit is deemed intentional (ruled on by the tournament director/committee), the forfeiting team may become subject to additional penalties.  For all forfeits, that occur after the start of the game, if the forfeiting team is losing the score at the time of the forfeit will be the final score.  If the forfeiting team is winning it will revert to the 7-0.   
  2. MERCY RULES:15 runs after 3 innings; 12 runs after 4 innings; and 8 runs after 5 innings.
  3. PITCHING RESTRICTIONS:Normal pitching restrictions apply. A starting pitcher may re-enter one time. A pitcher who is not in the official starting line-up may only enter one time. 
  4. TRIPS TO THE MOUND:Removal of a pitcher occurs on the second visit to the mound per pitcher. Intentional Delays: Intentionally delaying a game to achieve a victory through unnecessary mound visits is unsportsmanlike and will not be tolerated. The umpires and/or tournament director at the game reserve the right to speed up and/or eject a coach or player for intentionally delaying a game and declare a forfeit to that team. 
  5. INFIELD FLY RULE:Infield fly rule will be in effect for all age groups
  6. DROPPED 3RD STRIKE: All dropped third strikes are live unless first base is occupied with less than two outs.
  7. STARTING THE GAME:All games must be started with a minimum of 8 players. If a team does not have at least 8 players at the start of the game, they must forfeit. If a team starts with 8 players, an out will be called every time the 9th spot in the batting order comes up in the order. If and when a 9th player arrives, at any time during the game, that player is to be inserted immediately into the lineup at the 9th spot and placed into the game (even if the team is on defense). Any other player(s) that arrive after the 9th player can only be used as a legal substitute. The tournament director/committee will determine if a start time can be delayed from its original time.

NOTE: We will make every effort to start all games early or on time. If a field is running ahead of schedule, please be prepared to start early. If a field is running late, please be prepared to start your game late. Our tournament director will make sure you are aware of any situation in which your game may start early or late. Please make sure that pitchers are ready to begin within ten minutes after a game ending late.

  1. HITTING LINE UP AND DEFENSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS:Standard USA Softball rules apply. Pool play/ round robin games are free substitution. Players can only be in one spot in the batting order. Bracket play you may have one EP and a DP/Flex resulting in maximum 11 players in the line-up (see page 40 4C:1 of USA rule book).
  2. COURTESY RUNNER:A courtesy runner can be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time. A courtesy runner must 1st be a substitute (a player not in the lineup). If everyone is in the lineup the courtesy runner must be the last batted out of the previous inning.  In the first inning, if batting the lineup, the courtesy runner  will be the last player listed in the batting order.  If the last batted out of the previous inning, or last player in batting order (for 1st inning), is either the catcher or pitcher, the player who made the previous out, or next to last player in batting order (for 1st inning) is the courtesy runner. 
  3. INTENTIONAL WALK:All 4 pitches must be thrown to the batter to intentionally walk to batter.
  4. SUSPENDED / REGULATION GAME:Games that do not make it to regulation (3 complete innings for a 6-inning game or 4 complete innings for a 7-inning game) due to weather or any other circumstance will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed (if possible) from the point of suspension at the earliest time available. If there is not time to resume the game, it will be considered a complete game at the end of the last complete inning and the team that is winning at that point will be the winner. Listed below are a few examples based on what type of game is suspended: 
  • Suspended Pool Play Games- If the game is suspended prior to being official (3 or 4 innings) and there is not enough time to resume, the game would be considered complete at the end of the last complete inning. If the game is tied at the end of the last complete inning- the game would stand as a tie. During pool play games, a winner can be determined after 1 inning due to seeding for single elimination on Sunday. 
  • Suspended Bracket Games- If one inning hasn’t been completed and the game is suspended and there is not enough time to resume, the higher seed would advance to the next round. If tied at the end of the last completed inning, the higher seed would advance. If tied at the end of the last complete inning and the two teams are the same seed from different divisions entering the game, we would revert back to the seeding tie breaker system (Record, Head-to-Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored). If the Championship Game Starts and is not able to finish due to weather or any other circumstances and there is no time to resume, the game would be considered complete at the end of the last complete inning. 
  1. SCORING:We recommend that all teams (home and visitors) keep a scorebook. The official scorer of the game will be the home team. It is the team’s responsibilities to check with each other every inning to confirm the score.
  2. BAT RESTRICTIONS: All bats must be on the approved USA Softball bat list. 
  • PENALTY FOR USE OF AN ILLEGAL BAT: If the umpire discovers or is made aware of a batter entering the batter’s box with an illegal bat, the batter will be called out (even if a pitch has not been thrown). If the illegal bat is discovered after the ball is put into play (but before the next pitch is thrown to the next batter), the defensive team will have the choice of the result of play, or the batter being called out and all runners returning to the base occupied before the pitch. An appeal on the legality of the bat must be made prior to the next pitch thrown to the next batter or the result of the previous at-bat will stand. SECOND Offense – If a team is found in violation of this rule a second time (either in the same game or in any other game throughout the tournament), in addition to the previous penalty, the manager and player will be immediately ejected and could face further suspension. ALTERED BATS – Altered bats (shaved, rolled, or in any other way altered to increase performance) are not permitted in any way. Any player caught using an altered bat along with the team’s manager will be ejected from the game and the at bat will be recorded as an out. All runners will go back to the base they occupied when the batter put the ball in play. The player and/or manager ejected for use of an altered bat may also face further suspension.
  1. LEADING/STEALING:A base runner may lead/steal as soon as the ball leaves the pitchers hand towards home. 
  2. DUGOUT RULE:All players and coaches must be completely inside the dugout. Coaches are responsible for their player’s safety around the dugout area. No buckets or chairs are permitted on the turf.
  1. ON DECK BATTERS:  8u-10u NO on deck batter; 11u & up one player may be in the on-deck area on their team’s side of the field
  2. JEWELRY:No jewelry is permitted to be worn during the game.
  1. HEAD COACH:must be determined during the pre-game conference.  The HEAD COACH is the ONLY person that can contest a call, ruling or deal with the umpires for anything during that game.
  1. Age requirements:January 1st is the age cut off. Players must be the age of her age bracket on January 1st.  For example:  If Sally is 12 years old on January 1, 2022, then she wouldbe eligible to play 12U. If he turned 13 on December 31, 2022, she must play in the 13U age group.

Age eligibility protests: will be heard and ruled on by the tournament director/committee. The team protesting must have convincing evidence that a player is not in compliance. If the tournament director/committee feels there is convincing evidence, they will check the team-in-question’s submitted roster. From there three cases can occur:

  • 1. The player’s information on the submitted roster is in compliance with the tournament and play continues.
  • 2. The player’s information is not in compliance with the tournament. If the tournament is still in pool play, the player and team manager will immediately be ejected from the rest of the event, all opponents will receive a forfeit win (with the option to play the game as an exhibition) and advancement procedures will remain the same. If the tournament is in the bracket play, the current game will become a forfeit and bracket play will continue as scheduled.
  • 3. The player’s information on the submitted roster is in compliance with the tournament but the protesting team has convincing evidence (to the discretion of the tournament committee) that the wrong information was submitted. In this case, the protesting team must provide $100 in cash to the tournament director/committee.  From there, the player-in-question has until the end of the current game to provide the tournament committee his/her documents. If he/she cannot provide documents in that amount of time, the tournament committee will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final.
  1. NOT COVERED IN THE RULES:In the event any item is not covered in the playing rules, the tournament director/committee will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final!

SEEDING CRITERIA FOR BRACKET PLAY (when advancing out of pool play)

  • 1st Record 
  • 2nd Head-to-Head
  • 3rd Runs Allowed
  • 4th Runs Scored
  • 5th Coin toss 
  • In the event a game is stopped before it is completed (weather, darkness, or unforeseen reason) 1 inning played will constitute a game and the last completed inning will be the score used to seed. 


  • 2 man umpire crew will be used for all games.
    • Emergency circumstances can happen so this format is subject to change.  However, we will do everything we can to adhere to this umpire format.  


  • Protests will be heard and ruled on by the tournament committee (Keystone Fieldhouse General Manager, on site tournament director and umpire in chief). 
  • The team protesting must make cash payment of $100 at the time of the protest to the on-site tournament director. If the protest is ruled in the protesting team’s favor the $100 will be refunded. The ruling made by the committee will be final. Protests must be filed and ruled on immediately before another pitch/play happens.
  • You cannot protest a play on the field if play has already been resumed.


  • If you are protesting an illegal bat and the umpire or tournament director/committee rules in your favor, the bat in question will be removed immediately, the player using the bat will be recorded as an out (for that at bat) and the player as well as the manager will be ejected for the remainder of that current game only.  Play will continue (any prior game play leading up to that point remains as it was). 
  • A protest on the legality of a bat must be made to the umpire while the bat is in use or on the field of play.  Appeals on bats sitting in the dugout will not be entertained. 


  • Any player, coach, or fan who is ejected from a game must immediately leave the field area and go to their car in the parking lot and remain IN THEIR CAR.  If they continue to be a distraction or cause problems, they will be asked to leave the complex grounds completely.  Refusal to do so will result in authorities being contacted.  In addition to the ejection, there will be a MANDATORY 2nd game suspension and possible tournament ejection at the discretion of the tournament director/committee. If at any time a coach, player, or fan, makes intentional contact with an umpire, that individual will be suspended from the rest of the tournament (intent will be determined by the umpire and tournament director/committee).
  • If a team acts unruly or unsportsmanlike, Keystone Fieldhouse reserves the right to eject that team from the current tournament and possibly ban that team from the facility for any certain additional length of time as the committee sees fit. 
  • In the interest of maintaining a quality event, the tournament director/committee reserves the right to eject any person from the site for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior.


  • All game balls will be provided by Keystone Fieldhouse. 
  • Teams are asked to please help collect and return foul balls to their fields during their games.
  • Teams must bring their own practice balls for batting cages and warm up. 
  • Teams also should bring helmets, bats, gloves, catchers gear, first aid and other equipment that may be needed for your team. 
  • Keystone Fieldhouse is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or unattended personal items/equipment. We ask that players, coaches, and fans keep personal items and equipment with them at all times in order to eliminate any issues that may arise in this manner.


  • Batting cage time will be on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Please use only one cage per team and be respectful of other teams waiting to use the cage. 
  • Teams are allowed to set up their own hitting nets in the open areas around the fields.  However, please be mindful of spectators, games going on, etc. If teams are set up in an area or using nets (or other equipment) in ways that Keystone Fieldhouse staff sees as unsafe or distractive they will be asked to move to another area or refrain from using the equipment.
  • There is no pre-game infield/outfield. Line drills are allowed if there is time before game time.
  • NO hitting, throwing, etc. into fences 


  • NO METAL CLEATS! Players MUST wear softball turfs, plastic molded cleats, or sneakers on our softball fields. 
  • Teams are to be in full, matching uniform once they are on the field.
  • All players must have a uniform number.
  • Jerseys must be tucked in the whole way around.
  • Coaches are not required to wear full uniform. However, coaches are expected to dress appropriately on the field. 
  • Coaches do not need to wear helmets while coaching 1st or 3rd base.  However, players (of any age) MUST wear helmets while coaching 1st or 3rd base


  • All players, coaches, fans, and parents need to be aware of foul balls at all times. There will be multiple fields with games going on at the same time, which can cause foul balls from different fields.
  • Teams are asked to please help collect and return foul balls to their fields during their games.


  • A team award along with individual awards will be presented to the top 2 finishing teams of all tournaments.
  • Round Robin Tournaments will have no awards.  Teams will not be ranked in our round robin tournaments.


  • Keystone Fieldhouse is committed to serving fans by providing a secure, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all.  We take the “House” portion of our name very serious.  We want everyone who comes to our facilities to feel at home.  So, we ask that all visitors treat our facilities with the same care and respect that they would their own home. Keystone Fieldhouse is also committed to providing all players, coaches, officials, staff, etc. a positive atmosphere that promotes sportsmanship and positive play.  As a supporter and visitor to Keystone Fieldhouse, we ask that you help us maintain a positive game day experience by adhering to the following:
    • Fans will be treated in a consistent, professional, and polite manner by all Keystone Fieldhouse staff and personnel.
    • Obscene, abusive, and/or racist language, gestures, signage, or behavior directed towards game officials, other fans, players, or coaching staff is prohibited. Additionally, anyone wearing obscene or indecent clothing or related material will be asked to cover up or remove the material from sight or the individual(s) will be removed from the facility.
    • Verbal or physical confrontation, including dangerous, abusive, or profane behavior is prohibited.
    • Disruptive actions or behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal, including but not limited to throwing objects on the playing surface or unauthorized trespassing on the playing surface or other restricted areas will result in immediate removal from the event.
    • Any and all signs of alcohol impairment in or around Keystone Fieldhouse facilities will result in immediate ejection/removal from our facilities or subject persons to arrest.
    • Interfering with or failure to abide by security procedures, emergency procedures or requests from staff concerning operations will result in immediate removal from the event.
    • Fans unwilling to abide by the provisions outlined in this Fan Code of Conduct and any and all other facility rules will be subject to ejection from our facilities and may also be subject to arrest and prosecution.

All supplemental, facility, or any other rules and regulations are subject to change at any time without notice.