Our mission at Keystone Fieldhouse (KF) is to provide both baseball and softball players/teams, of all ages and skill sets, a facility with an atmosphere that assists with making them the best they are capable of being both on and off the playing field. We are dedicated to serving our communities by providing year-round individual and team training opportunities, as well as personal access to the best facilities and equipment available.

Vision / Beliefs

At Keystone Fieldhouse our vision is to reach and assist as many youth athletes as we can by providing them with the best possible environment to train in. We work and train at KF with a growth mindset knowing and understanding that athletes are not all exactly the same but instead learn and develop in different way and at different rates. We understand that there will be struggles, failures, frustrations, etc., in order to have successes and reach desired goals and these times are a key element to the process of learning and developing. KF staff is dedicated to helping athletes work through, learn and grow from those “down times” through encouraging but honest coaching so that they may become better athletes and individuals. With our qualified staff and trainers, we are here for both the more experienced “elite” athlete as well as the less developed athlete, recognizing that at one time everyone was a beginner and at all times everyone needs to work to improve.