• NO Gum, Sunflower Seeds, Lolli Pops or “Gummy” Candy allowed at any time.
  • NO Cleats (turf shoes are permitted).
  • Limit of 3 hitters per cage for individual cage rentals
  • Helmets are to be worn in cages at all times
  • NO Hitting or throwing into side divider nets… hitting into ends of tunnels and divider screens ONLY
  • NO throwing or swinging bats outside of the green turfed cage and bullpen areas.
  • NO drinks or food are allowed on the GREEN TURF AREA at any time.
  • NO cursing, foul language or disrespect of any employees or patrons will be tolerated.

LARGE TURF FIELD RULES…… in addition to general rules

  • NO Food of any kind is permitted anywhere in large field area…. this includes the outer perimeter and bleacher areas
  • NO Hitting or throwing directly into perimeter netting… hitting/throwing into divider screens is ok.
  • Helmets must be worn by any players hitting or involved in any hitting drills


  • Have your reserved area cleaned up and be out of it promptly when your time is up so the next person or team can come in at the start of their time.  For example, if your time is 5-7 you need to be cleaned up and out of your area at 7. Not just starting to clean up at 7. If you want to talk to your teams at the end of your practice, please do not stay in the cage/infield/workout areas to do so after your time. Please utilize the bleacher area, or entrance lobby so the next groups can get in.
  • Pick up all balls, and return any tees, screens, equipment you may have moved or used to
    where it belongs. Large screens go at the ends of the tunnels, L-screens should be one per cage, tees
    returned to hitting end of cages.
  • Leave it better than you found it.
    • Pick up ALL balls in your area
    • Return ALL facility equipment to its proper place


  • Siblings and those not participating are the responsibility of their parents and as a safety precaution are to be kept in the gray turfed bleacher area, lobby areas and OUTSIDE of the block walled cage areas as well as the weightroom areas unless going to use the restroom. Anyone seen using, climbing, playing on or with equipment that shouldn’t be will be asked to leave the facility

Please use common sense . . .

  • If you spill it . . . WIPE IT UP
  • If you drop it . . . PICK IT UP
  • If you’re done with it and it’s trash . . . THROW IT AWAY
  • If you don’t know how to use it . . . DON’T
  • If you want to know how to us it . . . ASK

Failure to follow these simple rules WILL result in removal from the Fieldhouse with NO REFUND.